Donors List

August 1, 2020 to May 1, 2021

MTAC Foundation sincerely thanks the following for their support and donations

Hennings – Fischer Foundation
Thomas and Joyce Osborn Fund
The Beyster Family Foundation Fund IV c/o The San Diego Foundation (at the request of Mary Ann Beyster)



$1000 and over

Becker, Bill



$500 and over

Bastin, Janice
Churchill, Gwen
Clark, Susan J.

Han, Yang
Lee, Marceline
Masur, Jane

Schwan, Ruth Ann
Scofield, Sue


$100 – $499

Balch, Verna
Bierstedt, Lieschen
Brown, Thomas and Viola M.

Clary, Robin
Edwards, Grace M.
Kolar, Jane M.
Lee, Andrea

Lukas, Lisa Ann Donovan
Mercado, Maria
Sands-Pertel, Judi
Santa Fe Opera Guild

Up to $99

Blue Horizon Learning Center
Curtis, Dean

Huang, Yin Yin
Main, Carole A.

Wilson, Alicia
Yang, Coral


Alameda County East Branch
Diamond Bar Branch
Hacienda Heights
Monterey Co. Branch
Northern San Diego County Branch
Orange Coast Cities Branch
Orange County North Branch
Palo Alto Branch

Placer County Branch
Riverside Branch
Sacramento Branch
San Diego Branch
San Fernando North Valley Branch
San Fernando West Valley Branch
San Gabriel Valley Branch
San Joaquin Co. Branch

San Mateo Branch
Santa Barbara Branch
Santa Clara Branch with support from Frieda Ann Murphy
Sierra Branch
South Bay Branch
Southern Alameda County Branch
Temecula Valley Branch
Whittier Branch