Donors List

August 1, 2021 to January 1, 2022

MTAC Foundation sincerely thanks the following for their support and donations.

Hennings – Fischer Foundation
Thomas and Joyce Osborn Fund
The Beyster Family Foundation Fund IV c/o The San Diego Foundation (at the request of Mary Ann Beyster)

Each level of our Benefactor is broken up by different donation amounts and named after the various eras of music.
Renaissance Level – Donations up to $99
Baroque Level – Donations from $100-$249
Classical Level – Donations from $250-$499
Romantic Level – Donations from $500-$999
20th/21st Century Level – Donations $1000 and above


Romantic Donors
($500 to $999)

Bastin, Janice
Becker, William
Churchill, Gwen

Lee, Marceline
Schwan, Ruth Ann
Scofield, Sue
Taylor, Peggy

Classical Donors

Lukas, Lisa Donovan
Masur, Jane
Mercado, Maria

Baroque Donors
($100 to $249)

Brown, Irene
Candiano, Nicole
Clary, Robin
Dreifuerst, Jeanette

Harris, Sara
Jones, Marzena
Wellwood, William

Renaissance Donors
(up to $99)

Arnold, Nancy
Cachopo, Patricia
Curtis, Dean
Judson, D. Esther

Lim, Philip B.
Liu, Vivian
Mackenzie, Heather
Neu, Gwen
Shinn, Jacquelynne
Stohs, Joanne
Takahara, Lily
Williams, Rhonda
Wilson, Alicia


Fresno County Branch
Pomona Valley Branch
San Joaquin County Branch

San Mateo Branch
Santa Clara County Branch

Sierra Branch
Torrance Branch