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February 25, 2019
MTAC Convention 2019 – Session Hightlights
April 18, 2019
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MTAC 2019 Convention Panel Discussions

The Panel Discussions at the MTAC Convention are daily discussions open to Teacher Track and Student Track attendees.

Friday Panel:

What Practicing Really Means with Forrest Kinney, Ory Shihor, and William Wellborn

Panel talking points:

  • Compare task vs. time practicing strategies
  • How to develop practicing routines (and why/how to adjust them)
  • How factors such as age and type of instrument affect practice
  • What are reasonable practice expectations


Saturday Panel:

The Importance of Music Reading and Learning Skills with Forrest Kinney, E.L. Lancaster, and William Terwilliger

Panel talking points:

  • How learning music is learning a language. We listen, imitate, experiment, create and read!
  • Why sight reading is so important to learn
  • Why listening to music and auditory recognition (with rhythm/timing, melodic/harmonic shape, and structure/form) is important
  • How to develop and balance these skills

Sunday Panel:

Performance Anxiety with William Terwilliger, Andrew Cooperstock, and Anna Maria Mendieta

Panel talking points:

  • Techniques to reduce performance anxiety
  • Who is your audience, and why are they attending your performance?
  • Safe steps to begin performing
  • Why performing and sharing your musical gift is important

Monday Panel:

Self-Print, Digital Publishing and Copyright with Peter Senchuk, Justin Levitt, and Tom Gerou

Panel talking points:

  • How publishing works
  • What is copyright and what does it mean?
  • How do you maintain the rights to your music and how do you protect it?
  • How to get published