Media and Publication Awards Program


MTAC encourages all branches to enter the annual Media and Publication Awards. Branches and private studios are recognized for outstanding publications including scrapbooks, yearbooks, newsletters, websites, programs, and more. Entries can be submitted in one or more categories.

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Media & Publication Awards

2013 Winners

Branch Directory/Yearbook
Sweepstakes: Whittier
Honorable Mention: Kern County – organization
Honorable Mention: Glendale – original artwork

Branch Newsletters
Sweepstakes: Kern County – artistry
Honorable Mention: Glendale – organization
Honorable Mention: Whittier – content

Branch Recital Programs
Sweepstakes: Riverside County
Honorable Mention: Glendale – artistry and use of photos
Honorable Mention: Hollywood – artistry

Branch Photobooks
Sweepstakes: Glendale

Branch Scrapbooks
Sweepstakes: South Bay
Honorable Mention: Kern County – content and photos
Honorable Mention: Santa Clara County – content and variety

Branch Websites
Sweepstakes: Orange Coast Cities
Honorable Mention: Conejo Valley – artistry
Honorable Mention: Diamond Bar – organization
Honorable Mention: Irvine – accessibility
Honorable Mention: Orange County – content
Honorable Mention: West Los Angeles – accessibility

Individual Studio Recital Programs
Sweepstakes: Anita Yee Belansky – originality and theme

Individual Studio Websites
Sweepstakes: Bill Becker
Sweepstakes: Rosanna and Vicharini Marzaroli