For new applicants and former members wishing to reinstate, all required membership and reinstatement applications and documents, along with correct payment, must be submitted to the MTAC State Office by July 31st, in order to participate in Certificate of Merit®. Please note that MTAC cannot be responsible for lost or late submissions. Exceptions to the deadline cannot be made.

In order to participate in Certificate of Merit®, teachers must have current MTAC membership status and have their membership dues paid by July 31.

New members or reinstatement applicants: Submit applications and supporting documentation, along with correct payment, to the MTAC State Office no later than July 31. No exceptions. MTAC cannot be responsible for lost or late submissions.

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MTAC is an internationally renowned organization with opportunities to expand professional skills and visibility within the music community. Active Membership benefits include:

Professional Opportunities

Student Programs


  • Participate in local branch events including recitals, festivals, competitions, and master classes
  • Identify with others in similar careers


MTAC offers 5 types of memberships for individuals and organizations.

  1. Active Membership

    is the highest level of membership. Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in music from an accredited college, university or conservatory (or the equivalent). Degrees obtained outside the U.S. require an equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree in music, documented with a Foreign Credential Evaluation Report (FCER). Applicants must apply with the “Foreign Diploma Active Membership Application
    • A degree emphasis or four years of individual study at a college level in the desired Primary Instrument or Subject
    • Two years teaching experience in the Primary Instrument or Subject
  2. Provisional Membership

    is a four-year program for those who have not yet fulfilled all the requirements of Active Teacher Membership. Provisional Members enjoy most privileges of Active Membership, including participation in Certificate of Merit, and achieve Active Membership by earning points through documenting instruction and experience.

  3. Student Membership

    is for undergraduate students who are currently working on a bachelor’s degree in music. Student Membership is limited to four years. Active Membership is achieved upon completion and verification of a bachelor’s degree in music. Requirements:

    • Be enrolled in two or more music courses per academic year
    • Provide proof of passing final grades in each course
  4. Cal Plan Membership

    is a four-year independent study program for teachers without academic training who are pursuing Active Membership. Cal Plan Members enjoy most privileges of Active Membership, including eligibility for participation in Certificate of Merit. Additional information on the program is available on the Cal Plan page.

  5. Business Affiliate Membership

    is available to non-teaching persons or firms interested in the purposes of the organization.



To apply for membership, please submit the appropriate form along with payment and supporting documentation to the MTAC State Office, 833 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103. Application deadlines apply; please see details below.

Applications for the new membership term will be accepted beginning March 1. While you may apply at any time, in order to qualify for Certificate of Merit and receive the benefits of a full year of membership, you must apply between March 1 and July 31.


The primary benefits of joining a local branch include:

      • Ability to participate in State Programs that require Branch Membership (Certificate of Merit & VOCE)
      • Ability to participate in Branch Activities and Programs
      • Networking and support within a local group of like-minded professionals

Information on locations, programs, and policies is available from the Membership Fees and Dues link on your Teacher Home Page. We encourage you to contact your local branch(es) to find out which best meets your needs. (If you do not wish to join a branch, you may be listed “At Large,” and you will not need to pay branch dues. Please note that “At Large” status does not include participation in Certificate of Merit.)

Branch Transfers

All Branch transfers must be requested between April 16 – July 31 only. Please contact the State Office to initiate your Branch transfer. No form is required; you may email your request to the State Office Member Services Associate, Alicia Wilson at, to place your request. Please include your full name, current Branch, and Branch you wish to join. Please note that some Branches may be closed; the Branches page lists available Branches.

Use the Branch Locator to find a branch in your area.

For additional assistance, please contact: Member Services Associate, Alicia Wilson,

Important Dates & Deadlines

Applications for the upcoming membership term are accepted after March 1.
While you may apply at any time, please note that MTAC does not pro-rate fees and dues and deadlines for program eligibility are final.

  1. Active Membership Application or Renewal: July 31 deadline
    • Required to maintain Active Status
    • Required to participate in Certificate of Merit
    • Required to be listed in the Annual Directory (deadline applies to print version; online directory additions are year-round)
    • No exceptions made for late renewals and applications
  2. Application or Reinstatement: October 15 deadline
    • Required to participate in other State programs (excluding Certificate of Merit)
  3. Provisional Membership Extension Application: May 31 deadline
  4. Branch Transfer Requests: April 16 – July 31. Please contact the State Office during these dates only.


Maintaining MTAC Membership

To keep your membership current, you must renew by July 31. Active Members can renew by mail or online via your Teacher Home Page, as long as your membership is active and in good standing.

Student Members

You must submit an official transcript at the completion of each academic semester or quarter to maintain your Student Membership. Students who fail to do so will not be invoiced for upcoming renewal and risk having their membership suspended.

Provisional and Cal Plan Members

If your four-year Provisional Membership is expiring, you may apply for a two year extension. If your Cal Plan Membership is expiring, please contact the Cal Plan Chair for a possible extension. Expired memberships may not be reinstated.

Suspending your Membership

If you are planning to suspend or terminate your MTAC membership, please submit a letter of resignation to your Branch (At-Large Members may submit the letter to the State Office). Your membership will then be considered “Inactive.” Failure to renew your membership will also result in an “Inactive” status.

MTAC membership does not have a leave of absence status. If your membership becomes inactive for any reason, you must apply for a reinstatement.

Reinstating your Membership

If you wish to reinstate your membership, you must apply by submitting a Reinstatement Application and pay a Reinstatement Fee in addition to the State and Branch Dues. Reinstatements are subject to State and Branch approval and applicable registration deadlines.

Inclusion in the Annual State Membership Directory

If you wish to be included in the print version of the annual State Membership Directory, you must be an approved member of MTAC by July 31. For new applications and reinstatements, please allow up to 8 weeks for your application to be approved.

For the online directory, Find a Teacher, you may be added at any time upon finalization of your membership. If you have missed the deadline for the print directory, please note that the print directories are only circulated among MTAC members, but the online directory is used by prospective students and parents of students. Therefore, you will still be able to increase public access and visibility of your music studio or business with this feature.

Transferring Branches

You may request to transfer to another Branch between April 16 through July 31 by contacting the State Office at To locate nearby Branches, please use our Branch Locator. Some Branches may be closed; please check the Branches page for more information.

Adding Instruments or Subjects

Provisional, Student and Cal Plan members may not add additional instruments or subjects; this option is available to Active Members only.

If you are an Active Member and you would like to add an instrument to your membership listing, please submit the Additional Instrument Application to the State Office. Current members must include a $40 Additional Instrument Fee; this fee is waived for new applicants. Please note that you must provide documentation to demonstrate verification of individual study in your additional instrument; complete details are included on the form.

To add a subject, you do not need to submit a form, but you must submit official transcripts to the State Office verifying that you hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in your preferred subject. Please also note that the requirements for Additional Instruments and Additional Subjects differ; for Additional Subjects, you must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in the requested subject.